Philippians 1:27 

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel."

Week of January 30-February 4

2016-17 Varsity Boys

2016-17 Varsity Girls
2016-17 JV Boys
2016-17 JV Girls
2016-17 Jr High Boys

I want to remind everyone that when we have home games at Wesley, everybody needs to use the SIDE DOOR to enter and exit. The front door is ONLY for concessions set-up and those who physically need the ramp.  We can exit out the front door after ALL GAMES are over for the night. Please remind your family/friends.

The 2016-17 schedule is posted! Highlights are changes:

10/13-15/16 Thurs-Sat TBA TBA Victors Tip-Off Tournament Home
10/21/16 Fri 4:00 JVB/VG/VB @ King’s Court Away
10/25/16 Laurel Home JHB/JVB/VG/VB Laurel CANCELLED Home
10/27-29/16  Thurs-Sat TBA VB National Tip Off Springfield, MO
11/1/16 Tues 3:00 JHB/JVG/JVB/VB/VG @ Central Hinds Away
11/4/16 Fri 4:00 JHB/JHG/JVB/VG/VB Laurel HOME
11/5/16 Sat 10:00 VBB/JHB/JVG/JVB/VG/VB Little Rock @ Fountain Hill, AR Fountain Hill, AR
11/8/16 Tues 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB Porters Chapel Home
11/10/16 Thurs 5:00 JVB/VB @ Grace Christian Away
11/11/16 Fri 4:00 JVG?/JVB/VG/VB NE LA Home
11/14/16 Mon 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Canton Academy Away
11/15/16 Tues 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Hillcrest Away
11/17/16 Thurs 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Simpson Academy Away
11/21/16 Mon TBA TBA @ Scott County Away
11/22/16 Tues 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB Clinton Christian Home
11/28/16 Mon 4:00 8th girls/8th boys Jackson Academy Home
12/1/16 Thurs 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB Canton Academy Home
12/5/16 Mon 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB Meridian Home
12/6/16 Tues 5:00 JVB/JVG/VB @ Hattiesburg Away
12/9/16 Fri 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Hartfield Away
12/10/16 Sat 12:30, 2:30 JV Girls @ Hartfield Away
12/12/16 Mon 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Newton Away
12/13/16 Tues 4:00 JHB/JV-VG mix/JHB/VB-B JHB vs Hartfield/ then Discovery School Home
12/17/16 Sat 10am - 3pm JVG/JVB/VG/VB PCA/King’s Court; Game schedule TBA Home
12/19/16 Mon 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Meridian Away
12/20/16 Tues 5:00 JHB/JVG/VB Scott County Home
12/27-29, if you are in town Tues-Thurs Tues @ 4:30 pm Varsity Boys Simpson Academy Tournament; play Sylva Bay first; schedule TBA Away
1/5/17 Thurs 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Porter’s Chapel Away
1/10/17 Tues 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Leake Academy Away
1/12/17 Thurs 4:00 JVB/VB Grace Christian Home
1/14/17 Sat TBA TBA @ PCA Away
1/17/17 Tues 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB Newton Academy Home
1/19/17 Thurs TBA TBA Hattiesburg Home
1/20/17 Fri 4:00 JVG?/JVB/VG/VB @ NE LA Away
1/23/17 Mon TBA 8th boys/8th girls @ JA Away
1/23/17 Mon 4:00 JVG/JVB/VG/VB @ Hillcrest Away
1/24/17 Tues 4:00 JHB/VG/VB-B @ Discovery School Away
1/27/17 Fri 4:00 JHB/JHG/JVB/VG/VB @Laurel Away
2/2-4/17 Thurs-Sat TBA JVG/JVB/VG/VB MSAHA Homeschool Tournament TBA
Wesley (our home gym)
787 East Northside Dr
Jackson, MS 39206

 We do not want to do anything to tarnish our relationship with First Baptist.  Please make sure to take everything with you when you leave. Let's leave the gym in better condition than it was when we arrived. Make sure you have all your clothing, all the balls, all your drink containers, etc. and throw away your trash.
We also need to work on getting out quickly when practice ends. Let's show our thanks and appreciation by being respectful of our time allotment.

Thank you! :)

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